Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Providing you with an intuitive user experience with high-resolution and cost-efficiency - Harmony ST6
Types of Harmony ST6 HMI
Harmony ST6 Basic HMI delivers an intuitive user experience utilizing the latest software and visualization innovations.

Basic HMI

Improving user operation experience through an intuitive design, powered by EcoStruxure™ Operator Terminal Expert software. Ranging from 4" to 15".
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Basic Web HMI

A special version with a pre-installed browser, Harmony™ STW6 provides a ready-to-use and agnostic terminal able to visualize all devices with an HTML5 server. Ranging from 4" to 15".
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Basic Modular HMI

Basic HMI small screen size version available with unique pushbutton 22 mm mounting System (Faceless version has rail DIN mounting).Ranging from 4" to 7“.
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Greater Efficiency for Operator Interfaces
We offer everything you need to design aesthetic and ergonomic operator interfaces.  
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Why choose Schneider Electric’s Harmony ST6 HMI?
Harmony ST6 and STM6, Basic HMI, delivering an intuitive user experience utilizing the latest software and visualization innovations from EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert. Harmony STW6, Basic Web HMI, is a complement ready-to-use version available with HTML5 Browser.
Meets the needs of simple machines with good visualization, connectivity and cybersecurity for cost effective equipment
Fewer programming steps and fast customization with unique software and easy mounting to reduce development and installation costs
Consolidate multiple screens to show rich information on a single display to improve productivity
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Harmony ST6 HMI in your applications
Harmony ST6 HMI are designed for OEMs building simple machine applications
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