Heating and ventilation provide heat, air circulation and cooling for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Fans circulate air around the space, while exhaust fan ventilation is commonly used in the bathroom and kitchen. Heat pumps and air conditioning units provide heat in the colder months and cool things down during the hotter times of year. Baseboard and convection heaters are a common feature in many homes. Thermostat controls and sensors for heating and ventilation are crucial accessories, to ensure control over comfortable temperatures, year-round.

At Guillevin, you’ll find fans, unit heaters, furnaces and heat pumps and air conditioning units designed for both residential and commercial use. We also provide a wide selection of heating cables, relays and transformers that are used to install and maintain heating and ventilation units, along with radiant heating and replacement parts. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Guillevin!