The origins of Guillevin International Co. date from a business founded in 1906 by François-Xavier Guillevin on Notre-Dame Street in Old Montreal. In 1965, Jeannine Guillevin Wood assumed the presidency of the business upon the death of her husband François, the son of François-Xavier. Under her leadership, the Company has expanded considerably through strategic acquisitions and the opening of numerous locations.

Today, with its nationwide distribution network, Guillevin International ranks among Canada's largest distributors of electrical material. It is also a major distributor of safety products and equipment as well as industrial supplies. Its knowledgeable employees working in more than 100 Profit Centres in key locations across Canada ensure Guillevin's success by distributing a wide variety of products from selected world-class manufacturers.

Electrical and Lighting Supplies

In today’s rapidly changing world of product innovation, specifications and requirements, we have many specialists in key segments of our electrical business, such as Automation and Controls, Project Management, Renewable Energy, Wire & Cable Management, Lighting Design and Controls, and Energy Management, which work closely with our leading suppliers to provide our customers with the latest training and innovative solutions; coupled with our full line of electrical supplies stocked locally and backed by our skilled and dedicated associates, we are your distributor of choice.

Safety Products and Equipment / Industrial MRO

Fire, Safety and Industrial distribution is another area of our expertise. Our competent teams are trained to provide technical support to ensure that we are meeting all of our customers safety needs, including personal protective equipment, fire products, traffic control and signage, first aid, pump hose and fittings, shop supplies/tools and facility maintenance. Our specialists will work with end users to find solutions to existing challenges and to source the right product for their application. We aim to supply our customers from local facilities where our inventory is closest to our customers and strategically tailored to meet individual requirements. Our professionals build strong relationships with key suppliers, making us the logical choice for dependable service.

Our Mission

To be a world-class leader in the distribution of products in which we chose to specialize.

Our Values

To meet customers' expectations by offering excellent service and share the success with its employees are the values sustaining the management philosophy of Guillevin International. Since its earliest beginnings, the company’s guiding values have been servicequality and its people.
Leading the way since 1906, the name Guillevin has been synonymous with quality, efficiency and innovation in the field of product distribution and supply. Driven by our uncompromising commitment to satisfying customers’ requirements, we have established a vast network of distribution centers all doing business based on the needs of their local customers.
Guillevin's vast array of products and equipment is equaled only by their unmatched quality and reliability. In fact, since its earliest beginnings, the Company has governed all aspects of its operations based on the premise that its customers are the reason for its existence.
Highly experienced in their respective areas of responsibilities, and working hand-in-hand in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, our employees have always been the determining factor in our ability to deliver. This shared dedication to customer satisfaction is backed and nurtured by our commitment to the ongoing training and development of our people.