Always an essential part of any installation or project, wire and cable carry electrical current from a power source to devices or equipment. While similar, wire and cable contain some differences: wire is a solid conductor protected by insulation, whereas cable can be one or more wrapped conductors, covered by a sheath.

Find wire and cable for all of your residential, commercial and industrial needs at Guillevin. We carry TEW, T90, BX wire and much more, along with cable reels to make your worksite clean and efficient. Whether you’re running new circuits inside walls and ceilings, repairing or replacing older or faulty wiring, or supplying power to your portable tools and equipment at your work site as installation is underway, Guillevin carries a large selection of wire and cable options. From sprinkler systems to outbuildings to buildings of all sizes, chances are high that you’ll be looking for wire and cable as part of your next installation. Put in your order with Guillevin!