Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management and automation, with sustainability at the core of the company. At Schneider Electric we believe that access to energy is a basic human right. Our technologies ensure that Life is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.


From Square D and HomeLine loadcentres and breakers, to surge protector devices, generator panels and Wiser Energy enery monitoring system, Schneider Electric offers dependable and easy-to-install products that help you save time and maximize profits. That's how we support Electrical Contractor all across Canada.


For large or small scale commercial projects, we have all the products and solutions to support your business needs


Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of industrial automation markets. From Pushbuttons to PLC's, we have the solution
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Harmony XVU

The Ø 60 mm tower lights and sounders offers multiple lighting patterns, mounting flexibility, modern aesthetics, unrivalled brightness and clarity of machine status at 360°.
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ATV320 Compact


Altivar Machine ATV320, a variable speed drive designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers that meets simple and advanced application requirements for 3-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors.
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Pushbutton & Signaling Device

The modular range of metal control and signaling units combines simplicity of installation, modern standard and flush mounted design, flexibility, and robustness, high level of customization to meet most industrial applications
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New Industry Leading Products
Wiser Energy
The smart home technology for energy monitoring that makes homes safer and more efficient. Easy to install, setup and use
Square DTM Wiring Devices
The new SquareD wiring devices come in two distinct series: X and XD. Easily interchangeable, the XD Series screwless wall plates simply snap onto the X Series back plate, with no new wiring needed.
TeSys Deca Contactors
TeSys D contactors are available in 11 contactor ratings for inductive motor applications from 9 up to 150 full-load amps and resistive loads up to 200 amps

Innovation at Every Level
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Schneider Electric Canada is proud to appoint Guillevin International as an Industrial Automation Distributor. The appointment of specialist "Industrial Automation Distributors" (IAD) is a move to distinguish Schneider's "Advanced Partners" from their standard distribution network.