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Guillevin Datacom : A Global Expertise With a Local Approach

Founded in 1906, Guillevin International, the reference in the distribution of equipment to electrical contractors, has developed its expertise in order to meet the growing demand and changing trends in the latest generation of copper and fiber optic network cabling products. Whatever the need, Guillevin is an indispensable source of supply for data centers, large organizations, network cabling installers and data communication system integrators.


Guillevin Greentech : Illuminating the future

Guillevin Greentech is one of Canada’s largest distributors of renewable energy solutions. Established in 2016, this division of Guillevin offers Canadians everything they need to achieve their green tech goals through years of expertise, experience and service, as well as the company’s access to reliable inventory.


What's New? - March 2023

Discover the new web features! Our experts explain the improvements and new features of the website. Take a look! 

*Effective March 15


How to Choose the Right Electrical Transformer?

Are you looking for a transformer that best suits your needs but are unsure of the different products on the market? Our experts will guide you through the four main families of electrical transformers and explore the different options available on the market.


What You Need to Know about Commercial Air Curtains

Commercial air curtains are growing in popularity in Canada. Is it the right solution for your business? In this article, discover the benefits of commercial air curtains as well as all the features for you to consider to guide you in your commercial air curtain installation project.


Should You Choose LED Lighting?

LED lamps are a commonly used product known to the general public. But do we know as much as we think? Are they economical or energy-saving, or are those just preconceived ideas? Our experts answer common questions around LED lighting and untangle the truth from the false.


Baseboard Heater vs Convection Heater: the Face-Off

While electric baseboard heaters and convection heaters share a common heating system - convection - there are significant differences between the two. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Which product is the winner? Our experts help you sort them out.


All about Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

Outdoor fiber optic cables meet many needs, and are suitable for all types of installations, whether residential, commercial or industrial. What type of outdoor cable should you choose from among the different types of size and use according to your needs? Our experts can help.


EV Charging Opportunities for Business: A Primer

Electric vehicle charging stations are booming and can be an excellent business opportunity, given the current price of gasoline and Canada's intention to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles. Interested in installing an EV charging station? Our experts can advise you.