• Amperage: 175
  • Carton Quantity: 1
  • Country Origin: MX
  • Enabled: Yes
  • Fuse Class: RK5
  • Fuse Connection: Blade
  • Fuse Element: Dual
  • Fuse Type: Current Limiting, Rejection, Time Delay
  • FuseApplication: AC Feeders, Branch Circuits, Inductive Loads, Mains, Motor Branch Circuits, Motor Protection, Transformers
  • Interrupting Rating: 200 kA (RMS Symmetrical)
  • Length: 9.63" (244.602 mm)
  • Manufacturer: EDISON FUSE
  • Manufacturer Catalogue: ECSR175
  • Manufacturer Category: DY
  • SPF Product ID: 1661247
  • Unit of Measure: E
  • Unit Quantity: 1
  • UNSPSC: 39121606
  • UPC: 782634508472
  • Voltage: 600VAC
  • Web Group: 1111306000000

ECNR 250V/ECSR 600V Class RK5 Dual-Element Time-Delay Fuses

  • These fuses are recommended for AC power distribution system mains,
    feeders and branch circuits having inductive loads (motors, transformers) or
    non-inductive loads (lighting, heating) where the available short-circuit
    current does not exceed 200,000 RMS symmetrical amps.

  • These “dual-element, time-delay” fuses have minimum industry standard
    time-delay of 10 seconds at 5 times the fuse rating (8 sec. minimum for 250V,
    30A and less).

  • The time-delay characteristics of these fuses typically allows them to be
    sized closer to the running ampacity of inductive loads to reduce cost and
    provide improved overcurrent protection.

  • These fuses will override normal equipment current surges to reduce
    unnecessary fuse openings.

  • They are the most popular fuses used in the industry and the most
    economical for most applications, especially motors and transformers. They
    have moderate current limitation.