• Best Seller: Yes
  • Business Unit: Ewel, Guillevin, Choice & Safety
  • Conduit Trade Size: 1
  • Conduit Type: Rigid PVC
  • Enabled: Yes
  • Length: 10' (3.048 m)
  • Manufacturer: ROYAL PIPE SYSTEMS
  • Manufacturer Catalogue: RC4001010
  • Manufacturer Category: RIGID PVC CONDUIT
  • Manufacturer Product Code: 15540
  • Material: PVC
  • Mfr Vendor ID: 330
  • Special Attributes: Best Seller
  • SPF Product ID: 506967
  • Unique Item Code: RPS-RC4001010
  • Unit of Measure: C
  • UPC: 77255515540
  • Web Group: 1050415000000
Rigid PVC conduit. Typical industrial/commercial and residential applications for IPEX electrical systems include: utilities, cable, communications, street and highway lighting, residential applications, water treatment plants, airports, subways, sewage treatment plants, pulp and paper industries, parking garages, car washes, fish plants, marinas, agricultural, dairy industry, hogs industry, cattle industry, chicken industry etc, bridges and tunnels, food processing plants, steel mills, mines.