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This is what never been seen looks like
Change your way of working by choosing this residential cable with two or three copper conductors with 90C PVC and Nylon insulation which is covered by a 90C PVC jacket.
More Reason to Choose "Canadex NMD90"
Instaglide Lubricant
Achieve quicker installations, leading to time and cost savings. Independent laboratory tests demonstrate up to a 30% reduction in pulling force.
Easy-lifting Handle
Effortless to transport and store. Compact and user-friendly.
Metre Markings
Effortlessly gauge pull length with integrated meter markings. Ensures accurate and precise cuts.
Enhanced Strippability
The porcelain extreme high temperature wire connector is the solution for high temperature furnace/oven or other intense heat applications up to 645º C (1200º F).
Length Measurement Label
Access real-time measurements of remaining cable length on the spool for improved  pull planning and purchasing decisions. Streamline your cable management with precision.
Environnemental Product Declaration
Easily access the eco-impact of certified products through QR codes on labels, including instant CO2 emission readings.
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