Schneider Electric, a globally trusted leader in sustainable energy management and automation, recently announced the launch of Square DTM Wiring Devices in Canada and has chosen Guillevin as its partner to provide quality products to electricians and contractors in Canada.  

Available at Guillevin, the Square DTM outlets and switches allow your customers to know the use of their electricity, thanks to a smart application where they can always manage their energy consumption.  

Smart switches and receptacles: when intelligence is synonymous of versatility 

The Square DTM line of devices is suitable for all styles of housing, décor and living. With the many devices that accompany people in their daily lives, they need durable outlets that ensure their technological tools are properly charged.  

That's where the X Series comes in.  

Schneider's new line offers users an energy-efficient product while providing a safe and abundant supply of electricity to their homes. The screws that attach the Square DTM outlets and switches are hidden for a cleaner, more neutral look. 

X Series devices reflect conventional designs combined with modern style, plus they are easily installed.  

Manage your smart device with wifi!

One of the keys features in achieving sustainable housing is the ability for homeowners to easily monitor and control their energy systems. The Square D Connected Home lineup makes it easy to turn any home into a smart home. 

With Wi-Fi and Z-wave smart plugs installed, homeowners are able to monitor energy use, control lighting, and pair with voice-activated home devices. The dual function components can also be controlled manually. 

Conventional outlets vs smart outlet

Their design is a combination of ingenuity and safety. Unlike conventional outlets, Square DTM outlets allow devices to be charged by plugging in USB cables directly. Schneider's smart switches also combine up to three different devices into a single device.

Each Square DTM outlet includes: 

  • Tamper-resistant outlets 
  • Side pressure plates 
  • Grounding clamp 
  • A hole for the cable 
  • Larger cutout for wire scissors 
  • A plug-in wire 

Alternatively, there are multifunctional cover plates that combine humidity sensors, motion detectors, and a fan control all in one unit. 

A dream come true for construction professionals

Square DTM devices are perfect for the busy days of electricians and contractors. Their ease of installation allows them to keep the same track record as if they were installing traditional outlets.  

Electricians love Square DTM for the ease of installation, artful design, and capability to quickly upsell a smart home project. With the extremely durable polycarbonate resin plate covers that snap in place, they don’t have to worry about cracking cheap plastic covers by overtightening a screw. 

Key features on the switch modules include side-mount pressure plates and bigger cut outs for wrapping wire, a self-grounding clip, and wire push-in options to speed up installation. 

The way the design has been thought out gives them a timeless aesthetic, while following the current minimalist trends. This makes it easier to increase the value of your residential projects.   

Added value to your contracts 

With Schneider Electric’s experience and expertise in the field, they know what homeowners are looking for, and that is products that are attractive, durable, and intelligently designed.  

The X Series is perfect for any client who wants to enhance the elegance of their home. They can easily create their own ambiance at any time using the application and enjoy a smart and safe home. 

The Square D Connected Home lineup, provide the stylish, easy to install smart-home solutions that electricians and homeowners are looking for. And it's available Guillevin!