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54-9044E Calibration Gas Mixtures

  • Biosystems Calibration Gas: 1.62% vol. Methane, 50% LEL Propane, (50% LEL Propane Equivalent), 18% Oxygen, 50 ppm Carbon Monoxide, 25 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide, Balance Nitrogen
  • The gas that is used to verify accuracy is every bit as important as the detector itself when it comes to worker safety.
  • Choosing (and using) the right mixture is critical to the success of your atmospheric monitoring program.
  • There are two important factors to consider when selecting the right calibration gas mixture for combustible gas sensors.
  • 1. Scale of calibration for proper sensitivity of the LEL sensor.
  • 2. Type of calibration gas mixture for protection against selective loss of sensitivity due to sensor poisoning.
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  • 549044E

  • 54-9044E

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