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Loctite High Performance N-5000 High Purity Anti-Seize is a specially formulated nickel-based anti-seize lubricant, produced under 100% controlled conditions for the highest purity. It is formulated with high purity raw materials and contains only trace levels of halogens, sulfur, copper, aluminum and heavy metals, including copper. It provides significant improvement in anti-seize performance and gives it more uniform torque tension. It has a general composition of nickel and graphite flake in petroleum carrier. All ingredients are selected for extreme purity. During assembly, it prevents high friction, galling and seizing and promotes uniform and predictable clamping. During operation, the high purity prevents stress corrosion. During disassembly, it prevents seizing, galling and destruction of threads. Typical applications include bolts, studs, valves, pipe fittings, slip fits and press fits in nuclear power generating plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, paper mills and other locations where stainless steel fasteners are used. This product is typically used in applications with an operating range of -29 °C to +1315 °C.
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