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  • Manufacturer: APC BY SCHNEIDER
  • Manufacturer Catalogue: SUA5000RMI5U
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  • SPF Product ID: 3518280
  • Unit of Measure: E
  • Web Group: 1171201000000
Adjustable voltage-transfer points - Maximizes useful battery life by widening the input voltage window or tightening the output voltage regulation.

Audible alarms - Provides notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions

Automatic self-test - Periodic battery self-test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced.

Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) - Gives higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery (not available on all models).

Cold-start capable - Provides temporary battery power when the utility power is out.

Disconnected battery notification - Warns when a battery is not available to provide backup power.

Hot-swappable batteries - Ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment while batteries are being replaced

Network manageable - Most models provide remote power management options of the UPS over the network. Many do not have NMC embedded.

Rack/Tower convertible - Protects the initial investment in the UPS when migrating from tower to rack-mount environment.

Resettable circuit breakers - Enables a quick recovery from overload events.

Safety-agency approved - The UPS is UL1778 Listed

Serial connectivity - Provides management of the UPS via a serial port.

SmartSlot - Customize UPS capabilities with management cards.

Temperature-compensated battery charging - Prolongs battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to battery temperature.