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Universal measurement and signal isolator/converter

  • The ACT 20X HUI-SAO-S/ SAO-LP universal measurement and signal isolating
    converters can be configured individually.

  • Temperature signals from PT100 sensors and thermocouples as well as
    analogue DC current and voltage signals can be recorded from Ex zone 0.

  • On the output side, optional current/voltage (SAO-S) or 4...20 mA current
    loop signals (SAO-LP / SAO-S) are provided for the safe zone.

  • The ACT20X-HUI-SAO-S also has a relay output for configuring its switching

  • An integrated alarm contact is available on this device for issuing an
    alert in the event of a malfunction.

  • This makes troubleshooting easier and also increases system

  •  The power supply of the signal isolating converter is either done
    using the integrated power supply (SAO-S) or alternatively over the
    output-side current loop (SAO-LP).

  • The rail mountable devices are designed with one channel, and are
    optionally available in widths of 12.5 mm (SAO-LP) or 22.5 mm (SAO-S).