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  • Carton Quantity: 12
  • Clothing Size: 9
  • Enabled: Yes
  • Enrichment Level: A+
  • Enrichment Score: 99
  • Glove Type: Chemical Resistant
  • Hand Protection Products: Gloves
  • Last SPF Import: 7/8/2021 4:47:41 PM
  • Liner Material: Acrylic, Terry
  • Manufacturer: SUPERIOR GLOVE
  • Manufacturer Catalogue: NE240TKL-9
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Mfr Vendor ID: 377
  • Size (Inches): 16
  • SPF Product ID: 949948
  • Unit of Measure: E
  • UPC: 779406159673
  • Web Group: 2070401020000
  • Last Field Updaters: {}
Heavy-duty neoprene gloves feature acrylic terry lining for thermal
insulation. Diamond-grip finish on palms for increased wet/dry grip.
Neoprene, is the DuPont™ trade name for chloroprene, was the first commercial
synthetic rubber created. It has good abrasion, cut and even heat resistance,
which makes it a great choice for working in both the food industry (deep
fryers) and the petrochemical industry, with heat stability up to 93°C (200°F).
This makes gloves suited to hot/cold liquid applications as well, perfect for
steam applications like autoclaves or any situation where intermittent contact
up to 400°F occurs. (The time to pain at 200°C/392°F is 16 seconds. Not
recommended for use above 260°C - 500°F.) Note: gloves will tolerate brief
exposure to flame, but are not recommended for use around open flame.
Neoprene resists the effects of aging, sunlight, ozone, oxidation and
weather, as well as a broad range of oils and chemicals that attack natural
rubber gloves like acids, caustics, oils, grease, and many solvents.