• Ballast Component: Driver
  • Enabled: Yes
  • Enrichment Level: C+
  • Enrichment Score: 79
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Last Field Updaters: {"ProductLastSpfImportDate":"ErpApiImport"}
  • Last Field Updaters: {}
  • Last SPF Import: 7/14/2021 5:31:45 AM
  • Manufacturer: MAGIC LITE
  • Manufacturer Catalogue: MLDRE-96-24-DM
  • Manufacturer Category: LED DRIVERS
  • Mfr Vendor ID: 233
  • SPF Product ID: 3054861
  • Unique Item Code: MAL-MLDRE-96-24-DM
  • Unit of Measure: E
  • UPC: 779261080044
  • Voltage: 214VDC
  • Wattage: 96
  • Web Group: 1090106000088

LED Dimmable Drivers

  • LED Drivers with dimming capability can dim the LED light output over the
    full range from 100% to 0%.

  • Our NEW Electronic dimmable voltage LED drivers are class 2 rated and
    designed to operate with most standard MLV/Incandescent TRIAC (Leading edge)
    dimmers by brands such as Lutron and Leviton, which are commonly used in home
    and commercial installations, and widely available.

  • Encased in a low profile aluminum enclosure that includes 2 knock-outs to
    enable easy installation makes it the perfect choice for under cabinet lights,
    tape lights and various LED fixtures installations.

  • Our electrical specification includes Auto Reset, over current and short
    circuit protection, and efficiency of 90% and higher allows the driver to
    operate at low temperatures.

  • Offered in a variety of wattages in both 12V and 24V DC models.