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MCSP-A/U Adjustable Mini Current Switch

  • All of these sensors have a solid-state output with an adjustable or fixed trip point (setpoint).
  • These current switches should be used in applications in which a "Go/No Go" current switch is required.
  • The current switches can be used to monitor devices with a maximum continuous operating current of up to 250 Amps.
  • These current switches do not need to be externally powered, since the power for the switch is induced from the conductor being monitored.
  • The split core switches are ideal for retrofit or existing installations, since it is not necessary to power down the unit and disconnect any wires during the installation process.
  • Solid core switches are extremely easy to install, they are an excellent choice for new installations.
  • Honeywell


  • MCSP-A/U

  • 085267414425

Technical Specification