Job Postings

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Title City
Counter and Inside Sales (2002) Anjou, QC
Counter and Inside Sales (7003) Regina, SK
Counter and Inside Sales (0429) Campbell River, BC
Counter and Inside Sales (0440) Vancouver, BC
Counter and Inside Sales (2008) St-Georges de Beauce, QC
Counter Sales / Warehouse (3029) Woodbridge, ON
Counter Sales (0411) Burnaby, BC
Counter Sales (2004) Sherbrooke, QC
Counter Sales (2006) Trois-Rivières, QC
Counter Sales (2025) Laval, QC
Counter Sales (2027) St-Laurent, QC
Counter Sales / Warehouse (3039) Sarnia, ON
Counter Sales / Warehouse (8026) Goose Bay, NL
Counter Sales and Warehouse (7002) Swift Current, SK
Credit Analyst (9710) Montreal, QC
Delivery (2004) Sherbrooke, QC
Delivery (2013) Granby, QC
Delivery (2023) Drummondville, QC
Delivery and Warehouse Employee (2011) Gatineau, QC
Inside Sales (2004) Sherbrooke, QC
Inside Sales (2006) Trois-Rivières, QC
Inside Sales (2013) Granby, QC
Inside Sales (2023) Drummondville, QC
Inside Sales - Trainee (7002) Swift Current, SK
Inside Sales (0411) Burnaby, BC
Inside Sales (2010) Ottawa, ON
Inside Sales (2025) Laval, QC
Inside Sales (2026) Joliette, QC
Inside Sales (2027) St-Laurent, QC
Inside Sales (2030) Sorel-Tracy, QC
Inside Sales (3029) Woodbridge, ON
Inside Sales (7001) Saskatoon, SK
Inside Sales (8004) Halifax, NS
Inside Sales / Quotations Trainee (3042) Peterborough, ON
Inside Sales Representative (0452) Lethbridge, AB
Inside Sales Trainee (3037) Hamilton, ON
Inside Sales Trainee (3044) Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Inside Sales Trainee (3062) Thunder Bay, ON
IT - Help Desk Montreal, QC
Management Trainee (9840) St. John's, NL
Management Trainee (9818) Calgary, AB
Management Trainee (9819) Burnaby, BC
Management Trainee (9820) Montreal, QC
Management Trainee (9830) Cambridge, ON
Office Clerk (2007) Québec, QC
Office Clerk (2013) Granby, QC
Office Clerk and Receptionist (0450) Edmonton, AB
Outside Sales (2006) Trois-Rivières, QC
Outside Sales (2027) St-Laurent, QC
Outside Sales (2029) Val d'Or, QC
Outside Sales (0414) Surrey, BC
Outside Sales (2011) Gatineau, QC
Outside Sales (2025) Laval, QC
Outside Sales (2028) Longueuil, QC
Outside Sales - Industrial Automation (0494) Edmonton, AB
Outside Sales - Trainee (3050) Cobourg, ON
Profit Centre Manager (2013) Granby, QC
Profit Centre Manager (2029) Val d'Or, QC
Project Quotation Specialist (2002) Anjou, QC
Project Quotation Specialist (2027) St-Laurent, QC
Warehouse (2004) Sherbrooke, QC
Warehouse (2007) Québec, QC
Warehouse (2028) Longueuil, QC
Warehouse (2030) Sorel-Tracy, QC
Warehouse (3029) Woodbridge, ON
Warehouse and Counter Sales (2022) Victoriaville, QC
Warehouse (0406) Coquitlam, BC
Warehouse (0411) Burnaby, BC
Warehouse (0414) Surrey, BC
Warehouse (2002) Anjou, QC
Warehouse (2009) Chicoutimi, QC
Warehouse (2012) St-Hyacinthe, QC
Warehouse (2013) Granby, QC
Warehouse (2016) Cornwall, ON
Warehouse Employee (2025) Laval, QC